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9/12/99: Changed the date... it's a week long now.
9/11/99: Got the rules done, finished the page... etc. etc.
---------- Contest will run from Oct. 23th to Oct. 30th.

    1: Anonomity(sp?) rule.
  • All participants will be given a 4-digit number. In the file that will be sent to me, it has to be somewhere in the filename.
  • the participant(s) cannot hint to or say their name IN the story in any way.
  • The participants names WILL be released, but not their ID number.
  • Not following these rules results in the participant being disqualified.
    2: Registration.
  • Registration is going on until the end of the contest. Any entries afer that will OBVIOUSLY not be accepted. (^_^)
  • To register, send an E-Mail* with your name.
  • Maximum of 40 registrations(pray it doesn't get that big...), based on order of registration- first come, first serve.
    3: Topic
  • The topic will be announced October 23rd at 8:00 PM CST.
  • If the story uses anything pre-made(I.E. a small section), the writer will be disqualified.
  • Any stories that stray too far off-topic will be disqualified.
    4: Limits
  • Any number of words from 100 to 900,000, although if you're on the extreme ends, you'll probably lose points.
  • No limits other than that.
    6: Submitting your story
  • Submit entries by E-Mail*, or by IRC on Austnet, or RPGWorld(Czk22).
  • All entries must be recieved, in .ZIP format with the 4-digit ID number somewhere in the filename, by October 30th at 8:00 PM CST.
  • You CAN submit your entry early.
  • Excessively late submissions(about 20+ minutes) will be disqualified.
  • Other items(I.E. pictures and sound bytes) can be included, but will not effect the outcome of the score.
    7: Judging
  • Judging will begin October 31th, and will end between the 2nd and 3rd(depending on amount of stories)
  • Each judge will rate the games based on my scoring system(see below for details)
  • All of the judge's totals for a game will be added together to form the final score.
  • A comment about the game will also be included with the score, but doesn't affect it in any way.
  • Highest score wins.

Scoring System:

Scoring will be split between categories, by numbers.

20 points - Word Usage (Counts for number of words as well as how well the words are used)
20 points - Style (How well-suited the style of writing is, compared to the topic and the short amount of time participants have to write)
20 points - Organization (How well thoughts and plot twists and the like are organized; how good the flow of the story is)
10 points - Relation to topic (The closer the story sticks to the topic, the higher the points.)
10 points - Completion (For if the story is finished. Points are lowered for missing plot points, and any other part of a story that seems missing. 0 points if story is incomplete.)


Nicki Greenson

Dustin Sklavos

Scott Holland


Naomi Geva

C. A. Monteath

Christina Brönnestam

Maja Ilisch

Jessica Michelle Jordan

Nils Anders

Abigail Laughlin




Beth Starle

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