This is a list of links that friends asked me to add on, and that I go to a lot, and that are just important.

Megazeux-type info pages

Planet Drobile- This place is cool. It's run by Duhreetoh, who is one of the cooler MZXers. He is making Booshkies. :) Plus, I put it up here because he put my site on his page. Eh... would've put it here anyways. One of the best sites for info. on megazeux, 2.7 development, news, and many other things. A site with tons upon tons of downloads; you should check it out.

mWorld- Probably the greatest of the megazeux sites. A frequently-used board, a fairly good archive, constantly updated news, it's got it all.

Legendd's Icebox- An old, but interesting site. Thought I might as well include it here.

Final Fantasy Dynasty Prelude- A page about a Final Fantasy MZX game. Extremely promising.

Megazeux and ZZT Company Sites

Interactive Fantasies- A great company with some really cool stuff... check out ADBI.

Autumn Dreams- 'Nuff said.

BeteCo- A company that is solely for testing peoples games..... hmm...

Crimson Abyss- A new company that looks to follow in the footsteps of Draconic Creations.< /MattW >

Eon Entertainment- They're cool... they made Assault, the game that's in first person.

AKWare- They've got a lot of funny ZZT games. They're great... and two of our members are in there, also.

Other sites of interest

PlanetQuake- All that is Quake and Quake II, right here. Quake is one of my favorite 3D games(it actually runs on my computer!!), and I (try) to make levels for it; this site has it all.

XiRCON- the site about one of the better WinBlows(C) IRC clients, using TCL/TK as it's scripting language. the site on StarCraft, the cool game by Blizzard, specifically online gaming.

The Mod Archive- the ultimate site for tracking and music in general. Run by our ex-member, Damien.(this is the reason he quit...)

- This is my friends page, hosted on his cable modem. It's got some really interesting stuff; always being worked on, being changed...

This is all I got for now... mail me if you want your link added here, and give me a picture/picture link if you want the link to be a picture(Like my friend's page).