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NAME: Zach(PinEnt@hotmail.com)

POSITION: Founder, President

WORKING ON: Etc., TI-Puzzle(puzzle), N-Jin(Engine collection), WEoZ

COMMENT: "Proper grammar must be used, OR THOU SHALT DIE!"

NAME: Danny(Dannyx3@msn.com

POSITION: Vice President, Graphics

WORKING ON: Pit(RPG/Puzzle), Anarchist Creations(self-explanatory)

COMMENT: "I'm bored."

NAME: Matt(Ar9Matt@aol.com)

POSITION: head Plot, Programmer, lead Comedy designer

WORKING ON: Gumballz(Comedy/Adventure), Arena 9(RPG), Anarchist Creations(self-explanatory)


NAME: Mark(DGMascaro@aol.com)

POSITION: Programmer, RPG Designer

WORKING ON: Arena 9(RPG), Anarchist Creations

COMMENT: "See? I TOLD you that wouldn't work. Er... oops."

NAME: Raichu(BILLKURZ@ix.netcom.com)

POSITION: RPG Designer, Programmer, graphix

WORKING ON: Winds of Decay(RPG/Adventure), BCC(RPG?/Action/Adventure), Myth of Helga(Action/RPG), Anarchist Creations(it's STILL self-explanatory)

COMMENT: "It's still far from done. I can't send it yet."

NAME: Misteroo(Misteroo@aol.com)

POSITION: ZZT d00d, and overall psycho

WORKING ON: ZZT Shtuff, SailoRoo MZX, 24HoZZT

COMMENT: "I'm Misteroo, and if you're some cool-guy-bully, I got a Magic Pen to kick your @$$!"