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Welcome to my page, semi-dedicated to RyanX's IRC-Based MUD!

Well, some of you(*ahem* most of you...) don't know what Noctyrn is, so I'll have to explain it. This might take a while, but I've got the time. (8:54 PM CST).


*Very large.

*Super fast, if your end is fast.

*Totally unique in it's structure.

*Written in TCL, so it's 1337, n'stuph.


Noctyrn was started in late December, 1998, when RyanX got fed up with Geminis, his current IRC MUD. No programming was started until about a week later, when he got his name, Noctyrn, based on the word Nocturne, for Dark Evil. He got some f0ked up people(Me, Golbez, Him, Chibi-USA), and we started creating names and stuff. It's grown since then... that's 'bout it.



Current Status:

These things are finished:

  • Connecting procedures
  • Char creation
  • Char loading and saving
  • status(sc and quest)
  • Chatting(chat, say, tell, pray)
  • Looking(look and lookn, looks, etc.)
  • Examine and take from creatures(MOBs)
  • get/get all
  • drop/drop all
  • sac/sac all
  • inv and eq
  • wear/wield (item)
  • Crys command(you use crystals for usual stuff)
  • levelling
  • Game(view counters for the game)
  • God
  • More God stuff
  • The main town, Kemin
  • BeforeExec/AfterExec(for room entering and exiting)
  • Creatures/MOBs
  • Give
  • Item/consider for checking items and mobs, respectively.
  • Advanced item manipulation(special stuff.)

There are no buggy things.

Noctyrn is near done, but it will ALWAYS be growning..

You can find out about Noctyrn, and other projects by Ryan(and iceflare) at the defunct iceflare homepage.

RyanX's homepage.


This is a MUD I'M Making. It's in its early stages right now, and so is this page. It'll look more y00neeform later, but for now it's just all the info packed into one.

It was borne into the pack of IRC MUDS a while ago, when I was bored. Now, it has SHTUFF!!


  1. Char creation(semi finished, strange bug that cuts it off)
  2. Talking
  3. Status(just SC... no quest stuff yet)

That's... heh heh... that's all.

Anyone who has XiRCON and thinks they're leet enough to fix FFRPG MUD, tell me so I can tell you the problems and send you FFRPG MUD. Then you get credit. Whee.

in progressAlways under construction. Email

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