The Weekend of Zeux Final Results
Read em and weep

The Results:

First Place - 173 - Captain Proton and the Reality Rippers - TeaM oF DooM

Second Place - 867 - Layers of Reality - Team 42

Third Place - 404 - Phobe - Kai Kumiai

Fourth Place - 524 - Fluffy - um abbas

Fifth Place - 283 - Torture of Nothingness - Sluggy

Sixth Place - 666 - No Reality - Duhreetoh

The Scores:

First Place - 173 - Captain Proton and the Reality Rippers






Overall 25 24 25 24
Theme 15 18 17 17
Gameplay 11 8 13 18
Plot 11 8 14 10
Graphics 8 8 7 8
Sound 10 10 8 8
Totals 80 76 84 85
Grand Total


Ibrahim's Comments:
Heh, the music started me laughing right from the start. This game got a good
theme rating even though it wasn't really all that close to topic. But the topic
sucked. Overall, a very cool game.

Spider's Comments:
Wow, a WEoZ game that was actually sort of fun to play, go figure.
I took some points off of gameplay because there is a stupid instant
endgame thing when you're flying the space ship and crash, and the
battles were for the most part boring and repetitive (except for
Dr. Electron). The music gives it a perfect score in that category.
"You cannot escape now, Dr. Electron!" I just want a .GDM -> .MOD
converter so I can add it to my modplug play list. Overall, coolest
entry I saw.

MattW's Comments:
Different areas being related by necessary items was a
good idea, although poorly implemented. Nokia
RealityVision was well done, as was the premise of
traveling between realities and many of the mini-games
(such as the vampire heart stab). The last Simon SUCKS.

Mentalguy's Comments:
I thought it was pretty neat, except I HATE that water level.

Fifth Place - 283 - Torture of Nothingness






Overall 29 16 18 15
Theme 7 5 12 16
Gameplay 7 5 12 12
Plot 8 6 10 4
Graphics 6 6 6 4
Sound 10 4 7 2
Totals 57 42 65 53
Grand Total


Ibrahim's Comments:
Ok, again the bad topic ruins what COULD be a cool game. Well
unlikely, but still, this game wasn't so bad to play, and I
actually LIKED the music. Semi-fun after a little while... but
it wasn't enough to save this game from getting on my nerves.

Spider's Comments:
How about the torture of playing this game? I think there was
supposed to be a point, but it got left in the character's reality
when they got stuck in his dream by the yellow Jedi who took a
dump on the robot with his lightsaber or something. And putting
"REALITY" in big flashing letters doesn't make it your theme.
Graphics were okay, but doesn't look like a whole lot of time
was spent there, and Sound/Mus was killed by that horrible star
wars theme. Okay, I exaggerated, it wasn't torture playing this game,
we'll save that for Phobe.

MattW's Comments:
The "Killyerself Land" was particularly fun. Finding
the letters to "MIND" wasn't related well to the theme
and/or the story. The Star Wars references were lame.

Mentalguy's Comments:
It was fun, but the guy needs to learn spelling,
grammar, and logic.

Third Place - 404 - Phobe






Overall 19 15 20 25
Theme 7 10 7 13
Gameplay 5 0 7 9
Plot 10 5 14 13
Graphics 10 10 10 8
Sound 10 10 8 8
Totals 61 50 66 76
Grand Total


Ibrahim's Comments:
Well, It started off as a "wow" and the punching engine was cool.
And it didn't seem too difficult, and It was about ready to hook
me... UNTIL the blue men... these guys pack guns, and blow you away
in like 4 shots. And it wouldn't be so bad (you have 7 lives) except
you restart at the start of the level each time you die. I tried 3
full times, getting 1 of the blue men, but never both. The game died
with my 21st life.

Spider's Comments:
Flashy intro scenes doth not a game make. While the graphics/sound were
there, the gameplay was not. You find something out about somebody
and they apparently read your mind and throw you in a prison with a bunch
of other guys, and the way to escape is by killing other inmates? and
then you can face off these two blue guys until you loose all your
lives and stare at the "game over" thing flashing for awhile. Tried
it a couple times, got sick of it, left. I just gave it the game the
benefit of the doubt that the theme gets involved somewhere, because it
wasn't anywhere in the beginning.

MattW's Comments:
Great graphics. Incredibly hard. You can't even see
the enemy bullets or whatever until they hit you! I
still have no clue how you'd know the number
combination, I must've missed something. =P Don't
see any relevance to topic. Aside from being way too
hard, played well. Bug free. Sound was excellent,
very moody. And the death camp lighting effect was a
nifty atmospheric extra.

Mentalguy's Comments:
Not bad, but some aspects of gameplay were pretty drab.

Fourth Place - 524 - Fluffy






Overall 19 18 23 22
Theme 7 5 9 13
Gameplay 10 8 12 8
Plot 5 2 10 6
Graphics 5 8 9 6
Sound 7 6 6 7
Totals 53 39 69 62
Grand Total


Ibrahim's Comments:
Fluffy was... well interesting. Some nice graphics I suppose but
they got old quick. It's big redeeming point were the neat little
weapon engines. Lots of variation, even though the bubble gun was the
only one that I could use efficiently against all enemies. And
a cool engine too.

Spider's Comments:
Uhh, it was a game. I'm sorry I never really understood what was
going on in this. It had some interesting parts, and I liked
the original weapons, but overall it just didn't make a lot of
sense. I don't have much to say about this game, really.

MattW's Comments:
I liked the cutesy graphics. The wide range of
weapons were neat, and made the game even more fun.
Got a little bit too hard near the end. Didn't relate
well to the theme.

Mentalguy's Comments:
It was demented.

Sixth Place - 666 - No Reality






Overall 5 10 8 5
Theme 5 2 9 16
Gameplay 0 0 0 0
Plot 2 4 2 14
Graphics 10 10 8 7
Sound 0 1 3 0
Totals 22 27 30 42
Grand Total


Ibrahim's Comments:
Oh, what a pity this wasn't finished. I was looking forward to marauding
in Heaven or Hell (I assume that's where this was going). Better luck
next time.

Spider's Comments:
Had something good going here until the person quit. Not just the
neat ASCII animation, but the plot line looked like it could be
pretty cool when developed. More fun watching this than it was
playing a certain game up above that I won't mention except
that you get its number a lot when you mistype URLs.

MattW's Comments:
There wasn't anything to play, so obviously this isn't
going to score real high. =) However, the opening
sequence did properly introduce the theme, had good
graphics, and started plot development, so it gets a
couple marks. ^_- What was there was really [cool].

Mentalguy's Comments:
I found it funny as all get-out for some reason.

Second Place - 867 - Layers of Reality






Overall 24.5 20 27 27
Theme 9 16 16 20
Gameplay 15 9 14 9
Plot 11 10 13 14
Graphics 9 10 7 9
Sound 10 8 7 9
Totals 78.5 73 84 88
Grand Total


Ibrahim's Comments:
Wow, super fun. This game ALMOST grabbed me as the best. And I was pressed
not to give it a dead tie with 173. The gameplay was great. It wasn't really
that much fun after a while, but it was damn original. And that's something
I think MZX needs more of, it was just like an arcade shooter (the first part)
and it was fun. Plus the matter making part where you had to create stairs
to shoot out stuff was great, it was sort of like reversed lode runner. All in
all, Kudos to the person who made this, you really brought something NEW to

Spider's Comments:
Some weird things going on with the plot in this one. Nothing especially
to complain about. I was too stupid too figure out the laser puzzles,
though. :) Overall I liked it.

MattW's Comments:
Puzzles in this game were really cool. The lazer
puzzle ruled. Of course, the shooting gallery was
pretty awesome, too. The music was moody and a nice
touch. Although the plot was a bit confusing, it did
make good use of the theme. Overall a fun game with
some very creative ideas.

Mentalguy's Comments:
Great stuff, except they committed the one cardinal
sin of making the damn game UNPLAYABLE WITHOUT A MOUSE!

Thus ends the Weekend of Zeux... may it always be fun


Some people gave small clues as to who it was... they may not know it, but Raichu figured some of 'em out. Here's the clues he got.

  • *For TeaM oF DooM, it was practically obvious. Too good. :)
  • *For Duhreetoh, that's a bit more tricky. He used ACPUNCH2.sam, which was only given out to people who have AC, a game by my company, PE. He's the only beta tester for it that was in WEoZ.

That's about it... just felt like mentioning those. :)
Oh, yes... Next Year(^_-) I'll pay a lot more attention to the contest, and not screw up so bad. And the topic will be better. I hope.