The topic was Reality. They got to work.

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6/27/99: Well... the WEoZ is over. Only 7 people/teams sent in their entries. They are here.

6/25/99: Fixed up the rules... I realize it's a bit late, but you MUST know this.

6/23/99: Got the WEoZ IRC channel up... reminder: WEoZ is THIS WEEKEND.

6/9/99 : For organization, I need everyone's email address. Look below; if your name is there, please email me with your email address(huh?!? ^_^)

6/5/99 : After much complaining, the time is back to what it originally was. Sorry to all who can't participate. And it will NOT be changed again.

6/4/99 : Judges picked!!! The contest is pushed back a week.

-------- Late Update: Pushed it back ANOTHER week... jeez.

6/1/99 : It seems Ibrahim wants to choose the judges, as well as judge himself... that seems good.

So, he's gunna pick them. On the 6th.

5/28/99: Okay, I'm confused now: Is StarFire Casey McMann, Casey McCann, or what?! What is going ON?!

5/27/99: Added a note on the ID Numbers.

5/25/99: After thinking a bit, I decided to increase the judge count.

5/24/99: Lowered the time because Ib was mad. :)

5/23/99: Fixed up a lot of stuff because of some more gripes....

-------- Changed the scoring system because EVERYONE hated that.

5/22/99: Loosened the rules due to Guy's request(aka demand).

-------- Pulled the date back due to Lipid's request.

-------- First person registered!

-------- First judge picked!



Fejj - Working alone

StarGazer - "Kai Kumiai"

StarFire - "Kai Kumiai"

jh - "Kai Kumiai"

Guyver - "Kai Kumiai"

Duhreetoh - Alone

Celethang - Alone

Reversed Impact - Alone

Casey McMann - Alone

FireWing - Alone

Stephen Maloney - Alone

Kayin - Alone

Lipid - TeaM oF DooM(heh... I did the capitalization ^_^)

CapnKev - TeaM oF DooM

md - TeaM oF DooM

Sluggy - Alone

Zixyer - Alone

Leper Mess - um abbas

Goosedaemon - um abbas

irchance - um abbas

hellcamino - um abbas

Raichu - Alone

Quasar84 - Alone

Axiem - Alone

Threep - Team 42

Zixyer - Team 42

JZig - Team 42

ScarJT - Tea 42






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