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All these games(unless noted) Require Megazeux 2.51 or 2.51 S1(if noted).

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Remember, all of this stuff can be gotten at our download site(Not yet).

Anarchist Creations

Based on a message board created by Matt of no fame, this... unique... look into role-playing on IRC and *cough*GayOHell*cough* is sure to cause severe brain damage due to the insanity in this. Fight the cliché demons as they cause hell! Destroy the ship made out of a child's toy! And, as Matt's good friend Buddy(and he) would say, "I WANT A LAXATIVE!"(warning: this is a really cool, but strange game. If you want boredom, like Ayck, go elsewhere.)

AC picture 1|AC picture 2|AC picture 3

Status: 48% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Comedy RPG

Author(s): Matt, Ayck, ChryoZak, Raichu

Anarchy breaks out June 19th!

Arena IX

Arena IX is a new game, following the Arena series, which is a vast, vast improvement over the last installments. It's basically another RPG, 'cept character interaction between your members is more important, and it's better n'stuph. It will feature superb graphix, a totally new battle engine(as if we don't have enough of those!), hopefully original music, an all new plot, and all the stuff you've come to expect from other companies.

Status: 45% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: RPG

Author(s): Matt, Mark, (Ayck?)

Black Cat Crusade

Black Cat Crusade is an action game, which has been redone almost ten times to make it better... now, we have finalized who's working on it, the story, and everything else. Featuring superb skills, amazing effects, and a great, involving, story, this game will have you constantly on your toes.

Status: 35% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Author(s): Raichu


Holy! This is probably going to be the largest game in MZX history. You play as Buddy in his quest to become the antagonist, running in to the ultimate bomb, the FBKBB, the multiple worlds of gaming, a strange d00d named Roy, and the evil dictator-type people of Iraw. It's being put on hold so Matt can get more experience, making this even better. Get ready for this 8-world game sometime near the end of 1999.

Status: Cancelled? Oh, no, just put on hold...

Genre: Everything!

Author(s): Everyone!

Myth of Helga

At last, a parody of the famous Zelda 64! You are Phynk Hylia, a citizen of Cocky Lee's Forest... Or so that's how you've been raised by the Stupid D***head Flower. You are on a quest to stop xf and his band of not-so-merry men from taking over the computer world using FAME, a buggy, unauthorized Operating System. Along the way, you'll run into a fat princess, b****slap some lamners around, collect a bunch of shiny badges (oooooh), and much more! Expect this one to be released before the end of 1999.(I hate censoring... but NOOO, XooM has to be an A** about it...) Status: 18% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Parody/Adventure

Author(s): Raichu

(Note: This may get an S1 facelift)

(Another Note: If you want to get all the plot info, look for Raichu's official MoH page, which should be up before April '99)


A really simple collection of engines, created by me. Not much to say, 'cept all of the engines are bug-tested, never-before made (hopefully), and are bug-FREE. I'll release the engines in it later. Hopefully, in time it will have more engines. I'm thinking about making a program that automatically patches it.

Status: 76% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Utility

Author(s): ChryoZak, whoever gives me engines.

(Note: Is in S1, but does not take full advantage of the 1000 counters for some counters. the point is so you can copy the code and use it for legacy 2.51 games)

Noctyrn MZX

Not much is really known about this game, except that it will be heavily based on RyanX's Noctyrn, the IRC MUD(check out about it at the noctyrn page). It will include all the elements, maybe more.

the iceflare homepage.

RyanX's homepage.

Status: 02% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Most likely RPG, with adventure and puzzle elements.

Author(s): Raichu, mebbe me, mebbe RyanX


The dark RPG of ultimate power, destruction, and a group of people destined in the prophecies. Evil has had a face, but now it's grown bigger, and more twisted. Hurry before our universe has dissappeared.

Status: 10% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: RPG

Author(s): Ayck, ChryoZak


Take Dark Corner or Xenogenesis. Replace DC's or AD's(respectively) games and previews, and replace it with ours. Give it the PSX game, JamPak, feel. You have RAMPAK, a preview of our stuff, along with a few other little tidbits. Look for it in a long time.

Status: 3.05% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Preview(Dark Corner/Xenogenesis style)

Author(s): Raichu, ChryoZak

SailoRoo MZX

Not much information available at this time.

Status: 0-5% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: ???

Author(s): MisteRoo


A collection of 3 puzzle/semi-puzzle games, based on the not-so-famous TI calculator games. So far, there are 3: Slippy, iNSaNe, and D-Star. This'll be a real unique game, folks; look out for it.

Status: 30% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: Puzzle

Author(s): ChryoZak, Raichu

Winds of Decay

The world is in a state of chaos. A dark, sophisticated empire known as Heavenly Shadow is diminishing the life of our planet... If they are not stopped soon, Earth will go up in smoke. Join Kojiro Jitsu, a mercenary, on his quest to put an end Heavenly Shadow's reign of power, and destroy a greater evil that not even Satan can match...

Status: 0.5% complete(all estimates are usually wrong)

Genre: RPG

Author(s): Raichu

Yah, this sounds propaganda-laced, but it ISN'T. It's ALL true. So support us. Live on our games. Let us RULE YOU! BWAHAHAHA!!!(Editor's note: Sorry, I got bored.)