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News As of 6-20-99

Moved over to Tripod because of the same hacker messed up my xoom account. Yeah, yer gunna pay, punk. Jail sounds awfully nice... anyways, updated the links page a bit, as well as the muds page, and the members page. I would also like to say goodbye to Damien Joseph Blond, as he quit PE... pooh. :(

News As of 6-13-99

Finally decided to get a counter for the site... I thought the guestbook would work, but only intelligent and brave people signed it(IE 1 person, plus some gay-ass "hacker"). The counter should show me if people care and how much work I should put into the site....

News As of 6-6-99

WEoZ is (hopefully) staying as it is, now... added a small links page so people can get away from here easier :). Email me if you want your link there.

News As of 5-20-99

Awright... I'm hosting the Summer Weekend of Zeux. Yes, Weekend. This will be run a bit differently than the other contests, mainly because it's a 48-hour event, as opposed to a 24-hour one. Check here for details.

News As of 4-28-99

Yeahn!!!! The Anarchist Creations(AC) release date has been... *ahem* released. The date, should it not be delayed at all, is June 19. Then, probably one of the funniest/greatest(IMHO) games for MZX shall be released.

News As of 4-11-99

Now you can VIEW the AC pics... updated nearly all the pages, and trashed the MZX:tG idea. Also, I got an application form for if you wanna join written up, Here.

News As of 3-24-99

Added the first screenshots of Anarchist Creations. Other than that, I plan to add a page for the creation of my Magic: The Gathering card set, which I entitled MZX:tG(I have no life.... so what?).

News As of 3-14-99

Jeez..... long time between updates. Well, I added a few more things, updated the noob page(can't be an ass forever), and the games page. Just wanna tell ya I'm still alive....Oh yeah. At the top of each page is a link back to the site map. Soon, the site map will have graphix for each link.

News As of 2-13-99

I would like to welcome MisteRoo to Pinnacle Ent., first of all! He is a great ZZT programmer, in case you didn't know, and a valuable asset to our team(as is everyone else). Also, I got one of his games(SailoRoo Blue) onto the Download page. And, of course, I updated the games page.

News As of 2-13-99

*sigh*... long time between updates. Quite a few things have been added or changed. First off, the background has been fixed... too many people been pissed off 'bout that. Second, fairly big update to the games page. 1 game got cancelled, and there's more info about Myth of Helga and Pit. Also, got new logo's from BioSpark, of IceFlare {f,sh}ame. Other than that, new pages are up! Check out our one... uhh.... thing(nmiaow) at the download page, while you're at it.

News As of 1-30-99

Wheefun... FINALLY made some graphics. Basically, the background that you now see, and the title for the Noctyrn page. Start expecting more as time passes.

News As of 1-23-99

This is the last time I'm going to list small updates here. Anyways, I added RyanX's homepage and Iceflare's page to the Noctyrn page, and also to the games page, which I updated.

News As of 1-21-99

*Sigh* Back to the basics. No sponsor, no counter. I'll figure out how to make my own, but until then, you'll have to be p{atient, issed off}.

News As of 1-19-99

Site News:

Finally got a sponsor(it's at the bottom of the page). Please click, so us people at Pinnacle Entertainment can start real work, real programming, real games, which means better stuff for you. Also updated the games page again.

News As of 1-14-99

Site News:

Got a new guestbook, and a counter. Hopefully both will help me, and you. I also updated the percentages for the games in the games page.

News As of 1-11-99

Site News:

Added the Noctyrn page.... deleted the guestbook due to bad reasons.

Game News:

Jeez... just go to the games page.

News As of 1-7-99

Site News:

Whole new look! No frames! New stuff! Smaller size!(heh...)

Game News:

Well, the games site is up, go look at that. Or, read ahead for some other small stuff. First off, I'm not working on the PEMag #1 anymore. It seems like propaganda now, aimed to do nothing but trick you into believing we are really great, when we are only pretty great. =P That's about it.

News As of 12-4-98

Updated the news page, fixed some problems, and fixed the member page.

News As of 12-1-98

Wow. 10 days between updates. Not bad for a web page. Even though it was uploaded to the ftp 12-2-98, I did the work [see above]. Now on to the news.

Site News:

Added a guestbook. Not much else.

Game News:

Not much, really... our first mag is going along pretty well, and G is getting a major facelift. That's about it for now.

News As of 11-21-98

Site News:

This site is released. It's not much now, and some links don't work, but it's growing constantly. Soon I'll have some stuff to download, including our first mag. But until next time, you can wait... right? All that's up so far is This page and Members page... be patient. Xoom is good.

Game News:

A games site will be made soon to explain this, but until then: AR(ena)9 is being redone, Gumballz is being worked on constantly, the PE mag is almost done, A secret game will be announced soon, and The Pit title and intro is done.

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